Blewitt Springs

This vineyard is located in the rolling hills of Blewitt Springs, an elevated area east of McLaren Vale and the furthest from the Sea.

The region has the highest altitude, highest rainfall and coolest winters of the valley.

Our vines are positioned on undulating hills with deep sandy soils and are trellised to single wire in order to control the canopies and protect the grape bunches from raisoning.

Deep sand is beneficial for drainage but also copes well in drought conditions and assists in light reflection during ripening. In wet years the crop must be ‘bunch thinned’ in order to increase concentration of flavours and control yield. Sub surface drains have been installed in the gullies to prevent water logging of vine roots in early spring in years of high rainfall.

Distance from the ocean eases maritime influence whereas gully breezes cool the fruit which is always harvested at night.

The Grenache and Shiraz vines here were saved from the 1980′s vine pull scheme and age up to 70 and 50 years old respectively.

Flavours of red berries, licorice and Satsuma plum are evident in our red wines whereas white wines from this vineyard are aromatic and fleshy. The tannin profile of our wines from Blewitt Springs is sublime and elegant.


Our Willunga vineyard is located on the fertile plains between the Fleurieu Plains and Sellicks Hills, McLaren Vale.
The soils on this vineyard vary from alluvial red clay to black clays with pockets of terra rossa over Limestone.

Although each soil type contributes to the flavour profile of certain varieties grown on them, they all have one common trait – they are free draining.

This enables an accurate control of moisture to the vines throughout the growing season to ensure a healthy and sustainable grape harvest.

The vine rows on our Willunga vineyard are orientated to maximise ocean and hills breezes. This not only moderates summer temperatures but also assists to maximise ripening with careful canopy management.

Typical Willunga flavours of dark chocolate, earth and spice are prevalent in our red varieties whilst minerality and tropical flavours are typical in our white varieties.